How mentally healthy are you?

Download that app!

Everyone loves an app – here are a couple to try to boost your mental health.

SmilingMind online meditation

Check in on a friend

Act, Belong, Commit your way to better health

Take your annual mental health check today! Try the self test to see how you score, and then create your own action plan to improve.

Mental Health & Wellbeing THRIVE

THRIVE at Curtin

More tips on staying mentally healthy while you’re at Curtin. There’s also plenty of info on other ways to stay healthy too!

Mental Health & Wellbeing

We're here to help

Everyone needs that little bit of extra help sometimes. There is plenty of help available for whatever stage you're at.

Join a group workshop or program

Workshops are available to help you overcome challenges such as procrastination or homesickness, or manage anxiety or ADHD, as well as a range of other kinds of support. This includes the Mindfulness online course available to students and staff across all study modes and locations.

View the full range of free workshops and programs for students.

View the full range of workshops and programs for staff.

Meet the mental health nurse

Get assistance managing mental health problems from our Mental Health Nurse. Appointments are free and confidential, and can be made by contacting reception at Health Services.

Not sure where to go?

The Student Wellbeing team can provide confidential assistance, or connect you to a range of Curtin or external services. They are available in person on the Bentley and Kalgoorlie Campuses, or via phone or email to all students.

More information is available for students at Student Wellbeing on the CurtinLife website.

Emergency support and contacts

In an emergency, support is available. Refer to Curtin’s Mental Health Emergencies contacts.

LGBTIQ+ Support at Curtin

Curtin Ally fosters a culture inclusive of sexual and gender diversity, and can offer support and advice.

Contact Curtin Ally

Contact Guild Queer Department

What does mental health mean to Curtin students and staff?