Stanford International Honors Program

Stanford International Honours Program

Supawit Mahaguna

Supawit Mahaguna, Bachelor of Commerce (International Business)

“I’m from Bangkok, Thailand, and I’m studying international business here at Curtin. At Stanford I’m hoping to learn how to manage my workload in the most efficient way and how to speak with confidence. I’ll be taking the units ‘public speaking’, ‘persuasive communication’, ‘working smarter’ and also ‘golf’ for a bit of fun! I’m really hoping to network with people from other countries that I wouldn’t otherwise get to meet.”

Christine Foster

Christine Foster, Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Advertising)

“I’m in my last year at Curtin studying marketing and advertising and I’ll be studying similar units at Stanford. I’ve also chosen a ‘global perspectives’ intensive course as part of the technology and innovation certificate which I’m really excited about. I’m proud to represent Curtin and can’t wait to enhance my existing knowledge!”

Michelle Zinko

Michelle Zinko, Bachelor of Commerce (Management and Marketing)

“I’m in my third year studying management and marketing at Curtin. At Stanford I’ll be studying management and psychology units. The Stanford program really emphasises personal development and I can’t wait to be exposed to different cultures and really broaden my mind. I’m also looking forward to travelling and exploring San Francisco!”

Rance Clarke

Rance Clarke, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Financial Planning) graduate

“I graduated from Curtin last year and I’m currently working for a financial planning company. I applied for the Stanford program in my last semester. At Stanford, I’ll be taking units in finance and statistics to enhance my career prospects. I’m also excited to meet people from all over the world and have the chance to see America.”

Issac Martin

Isaac Martin, Bachelor of Commerce (International Business) graduate

“I’m from Malaysia and graduated from Curtin last year with a degree in international business. At Stanford I’m looking forward to meeting like-minded people who are very driven. I’ll be studying units in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. I’ve also been selected as a member of the Silicon Valley Innovation Cohort which I’m excited about!”

The Silicon Valley Innovation Cohort is a highly selective program open to students completing the IHP.

Duane Du Toit

Duane Du Toit, Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Business Law)

"I’ll also be doing ‘technology entrepreneurship’ which is focused on developing tech start-ups from the ground up and enabling them to run their businesses and become successful in this ever emerging industry. The most exciting thing for me about going to Stanford is the opportunity to gain knowledge, insight and mentorship from leaders in the Silicon Valley and associated venture capitalists. It will be incredible!"

Laura Rudd

Lara Rudd, Bachelor of Commerce (Event Management and Public Relations)

"We talk about connecting globally in public relations but actually doing that myself is really, really cool. I think it’s going to help my career and my knowledge so much in that I can actually talk about globalisation in a personal way. At Curtin, we learn in multiple ways so that will really help at Stanford- it will be just one more way of learning, so not too scary!"