New Associate Degree in Agribusiness offered at Muresk Institute from 2019.

Committed to the development of our agriculture research base and supporting growth of the Western Australian agriculture and food sectors, Curtin is offering a new Associate Degree in Agribusiness, developed in close consultation with industry, at Muresk Institute from 2019.

The proposed two-year associate degree will provide you with an understanding of agricultural production systems combined with the business skills associated with the production, processing, marketing and distribution of food.



Agribusiness student

Increasing access to agribusiness higher education.

Admission criteria into the Associate Degree will be lower than for the Bachelor Degree in order to provide access to higher education for students who would otherwise not meet entry requirements for a Bachelor Degree.

The Associate Degree will be a pathway into the full Bachelor of Agribusiness, providing up to 24 months credit. Pathways into other bachelor programs will also be available.

There will be admission pathways for a broad range of students, including applicants with vocational education and training, work and life experience and recent secondary education.

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Agribusiness student

Increasing demand for agribusiness graduates.

The agribusiness industry is a significant contributor to the Australian and international economy. The proposed Associate Degree in Agribusiness is designed to provide career opportunities that range from farms through to the export and marketing of agriproducts, as well as opportunities in:

  • Agribusiness banking
  • Agronomic and livestock sales
  • Business consulting
  • Commodity trading
  • Exporting
  • Financial management
  • International marketing
  • Professional farm management.

Frequently asked questions.

How does the Associate Degree in Agribusiness differ to the Bachelor of Agribusiness?

The Associate Degree in Agribusiness will be a two-year full-time equivalent course that will prepare students to enter the workforce or alternatively provide them with a pathway and credit towards the Bachelor of Agribusiness degree which is delivered over three years at Curtin’s Bentley Campus.

It will also involve a high level of exposure to practical farm management and a stronger emphasis on the business skills associated with the production, processing, marketing and distribution of food.

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Can you tell me about the course outline?

The course content is being developed, and Curtin will consult extensively with industry in developing the course.

Confirmed course information will be available at

How will the course be delivered?

The delivery methodology will accommodate a variety of learning needs, and will provide flexibility through a mix of face-to-face teaching and the use of technology.

Block teaching will also be considered as a means of addressing students’ seasonal work commitments associated with the farming sector.

Will I be job ready after completing the Associate Degree in Agribusiness?

Curtin will develop the degree in close collaboration with industry to ensure this course meets contemporary industry needs, in recognition of the importance of developing relevant skills for the agriculture and food sectors and supporting growth within the sector, producing graduates with the in-demand skills as determined by industry.

What kind of jobs will I be ready for?

The course will be designed to deliver technically competent and commercially savvy graduates with contemporary agribusiness skills that will enable them to work in areas such as agricultural production, farm management and agricultural equipment sales. The Associate Degree will also prepare students for returning to the family farm.


The only WA university to offer a Bachelor of Agribusiness.

Curtin is the only WA university to offer a Bachelor of Agribusiness, providing a unique opportunity to understand both science and business as applied to agriculture.

To satisfy the growing demand for food worldwide, we need smarter ways of producing food and fibre using sustainable production methods, innovation and responsible entrepreneurship.


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High-impact research for the Australian grains industry.

The Centre for Crop and Disease Management (CCDM) is a $100 million investment by Curtin University and the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

The centre provides access to leading researchers and opportunities to study current crop diseases, allowing you to be part of the solution for reducing the economic impact of disease on Australian farming businesses.

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Agribusiness student

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