Comforting kids in pain

Jade Ferullo

About Jade

Jade holds a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) from Edith Cowan University, a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing from Notre Dame University, a Postgraduate Certificate in Paediatrics, and is currently undertaking a Master of Philosophy (Nursing and Midwifery) at Curtin University.

Jade developed a love and passion for paediatric nursing during her graduate program and clinical rotation on the Children’s ward at Fremantle Hospital and Health Service.

"I am passionate about improving the delivery of nursing care for children and their families, and my postgraduate study has enabled me to provide evidence based practice and education to other health professionals to maintain a high standard of care," she says.

She now works at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children as a Registered Nurse and was recently awarded the Advancing the Nursing Profession Fellowship 2016 which will assist in funding the costs to conduct her Master of Philosophy research study.

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