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How will Elsie help me?

Elsie aims to be your one-stop-shop for daily information on your Curtin life. It pulls information on you student timetable, academic calendar, until enrolments, contacts and assessments and presents it in an easy to use format at the tip of your fingers. We are continuing to develop the app and will be releasing new functionality throughout the year.


Plan your time

Better manage your learning/life balance through organisation of classes, assessment deadlines and personal events in your planner.


Unit information

Access everything you need to know about your enrolled units,  assessments, syllabus, pass requirements and other unit outline details all live here.



Get in touch with unit-coordinators, teaching staff and administration.  Find contacts through your units, school of study or try a broader university-wide search.

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Elsie Curtin was the wife of our 14th Prime Minister (and our University's namesake) John Curtin. She was an essential part of his journey in life and politics, and we hope the app will empower and support you in the same way.

Elsie Curtin biography

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Project Update - April 2016

Following our February release that included assignment schedules, recurring events and bug fixes, we've been working towards our next update which is scheduled to hit the app store in early May. It will include:
- Exam Schedules
- Course Progression
- Push Notifications

If you would like more information on the project please contact us at Elsie Project.